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#9124 Wither on Red

When barns are painted, they often use lifts and spray guns. It's a very big project made easy that way. When this very large retired dairy barn in southwestern Pennsylvania was done, they painted right over the poison oak and withered the middle of it, hence the title.<br />
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The barn is approximately 1900, likely replacing an older one lost to fire as there were no other barns on the property and the house was much older than this “new” barn. The owner had means enough to have a foundation of cut and shaped unmortared stone, which is not often seen. Also not often seen anymore are stonemasons who can do this kind of work. Apparently having been created by skilled craftsmen years ago, and commissioned by someone who wanted things done right, this barn sits “foursquare and firm” to this day.<br />
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All the tones here are warm but for the white window that really stands out. This image might work well if you enjoy a splash of red in your decorating.