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Flying Leap #14163

This was a very beautiful calm day along the western shore of Lake Michigan and I was quite glad to be there at this small park in Door County, Wisconsin. The layers of dolomite lie flat horizontally and the water has worn shallow caves and eroded cliffs into it, hence the name, Cave Point Park. In places, the rock strata lying even with the waterline serves as a “beach” that you can walk out to the lake lapping even at the very edge, like a nearly overflowing bathtub.<br />
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The water in this image is green from the many tall cedars growing close to the cliff edges reflected into it. It is very clear and deep, and you can see the large rocks twenty feet down to the bottom. This little park attracts hikers and kayakers to enjoy nature in an idyllic place, but when the weather turns and the wind and rain comes, it's an entirely different story! The lake can be furious and smashing hard against these rocks trying to reduce them to sand as it has always done, and in winter everything is coated in white ice from the spray. <br />
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