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#9735 Bonnie and Clyde

The title for this image comes from all the bullet holes in the windshield, of course, and they are probably due to a six pack and a .22 rifle on an idle Saturday night. It's an old farm truck in a farm machinery graveyard in central Pennsylvania. It's actually a '41 or a 46' Chevy...both years are the same because truck production was stopped for the war effort and then resumed with the same model.<br />
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There is a peculiar crank handle on the top center of the dashboard. For ventilation back in the day, you would turn this to crack open the bottom of the windshield which was on a hinge at the top. Can you imagine the all bugs flying in driving down the road? Also note the full manual turn signal switch attached to the steering column, partly hidden by the wheel. You had to turn the signal on, but also remember to shut it off, too. Unusual these days to see it on the right side of the column.<br />
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This image was shot in the late afternoon sun, so the glow is very warm on the rusty dash and wheel. I opened the other side door and shot into the cab again. From that side, I could see the keys were still hanging in the ignition from the last day it was run. Someone must have known this was the last stop...and they left the left turn signal on, too.