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Two Peas #13358

This Arabian mare and foal were trotting through the pasture and coming near to me, so I stepped right up into their path ready to shoot and clicked the shutter just as they reacted to slow and stop. I wanted that little twinge of surprise in their pose with ears up. I don't recommend doing this for obvious safety reasons unless you know horses and I do, but I wanted an untypical moving mare and foal image. The setting is one of the very beautiful south central Pennsylvania farming valleys on a horse farm where I've shot many times.<br />
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The three month old baby here is my old pal Allegra who appears as a beautiful full grown horse nowadays elsewhere in my work. She doesn't look the same at all. Here, she is a rich brown like her bay mother, but today she is a rose roan as she transitions to a gray horse like her father, the white (or gray) stallion who has appeared in calendars and magazines many times. <br />
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