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Tilt And Spin #14574

This small old fashioned amusement park very near my home has many antique rides that have been kept up over the years, including this tilt and spin ride called the Twister. Of course, this jazzed color scheme in full sun saturation pulled me directly into its orbit, even though it was sleeping soundly on a day off. A brilliant as the colors are, this machine is even more dazzling at night with all the lights flashing as it spins with mechanical parts humming and clacking like an old freight train, the floor heaving up and down with the boards groaning, and the music blaring.<br />
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It’s neighboring ride, The Toboggan roller coaster, looks on from behind with its peak poking the sky. Both these rides will soon be retired as this park is finally about to be remodeled and transformed into one for a more modern era, but nothing will ever match the whir and spin of the pure and plain primal delight of being tossed around in barely controlled chaos for all you’re worth while holding onto that metal handbar with a death grip. The Twister is probably the most fun anyone could have for just three minutes and a buck.<br />
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