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#12396 Affectionate Horses

These two Arabian horses are an actual breeding pair and the white stallion has appeared often in my work. My friend Cindy, their owner and trainer, and I had been shooting them running together in a small paddock in deep powder snow, and gave them a break. They are a close pair and had run side by side through much of the shoot. Here at a standstill, they chose to stay by each other. I kept alert with the camera up to get anything that might happen, and it was just by chance that the mare turned to the stallion to make this shot appropriately called Affectionate Horses.<br />
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Most people don't know that horses actually have very rich emotional lives, so don't let that seemingly unreadable passive and plain face fool you. Most people are also not aware that horses are exactly like people as well.<br />
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Some time after this shoot, a little foal named Allegra came to these two, and her baby pictures can be seen on my website...and sometimes she appears in calendars and horse magazines, just like her parents.