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Last Refrain #13507

This is an edgewise view down the keyboard of an old weathered piano that had been sitting outside for years, surprisingly standing abandoned in the far corner of a small country truck stop in Pennsylvania. It must have ended up there years ago after a midnight dump-and-run mission to simply get rid of the thing, and there it sat slowly coming apart at every seam into large and small pieces. The heat and thaw of the seasons of rain and snow had caused the white plastic covering on the keys to flake off at random, the black keys had nearly all split away at the root and jumbled themselves, and the thin finish veneer was lifting away in waves like the ocean at Wakiki. It was a sight of seemingly suspended decay, but like its cousin Rust, Decay never sleeps.<br />
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   I converted the image to black and white, then digitally painted a few of the colors back in a very faded way. I shot straight down the length of the keyboard with a wide angle lens set to a very shallow depth of field. It came out rather well to focus on the foreground grit and let the rest go into blur. This shot was Plan B that had to be employed due to leaving the micro lens at home in forgetfulness that morning, but I never did return with the micro being pretty satisfied with this effort instead after all.<br />
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