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#11160 Snow Dancer

This is my old pal Dinah playing in the snow after being stuck inside the barn while the 24 hour snowstorm went over, and you're looking at a very happy horse. Just like any ten year old with a snow day off from school, there's a lot of prancey excitement going on in this picture which is why the title Snow Dancer. She always moves so beautifully with her natural Morgan poise and grace, and she is as close as a horse can be to being an Arabian without actually being one.<br />
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She is also the most attractive horse in the barn, with her looks coming straight from her national champion Morgan sire. Those national show circuit horses don't have to be very smart, only look good, and Dinah has certainly lived up to both respects. She is also a big tease adding to the geldings torment while behaving like a privileged cheerleader at times, but only on her side of the fence! Her favorite past time is finding new ways to misbehave and chewing her stall boards.<br />
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As result of her prissy-ness, I christened her the Barn Barbie and it suits her to the proverbial tee. She is always a wonderful sight in late summer when a horse's coat blooms into it's shiniest peak. Her top dark areas are shiny and sleek, but her light yellow underbelly is covered with many golden dapples that pick up the sun like gold coins. Truly, Dinah is a stunning horse to behold.