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#13971 Wild Blue Yonder

This junkyard in the western Minnesota prairie was very large and mostly covered by high grass. In this section of farm equipment there was a lot of extra room, so the tractors were set down anywhere; you can see others poking up here and there all around. This particular one drew my attention because of the little sprig bravely reaching for the wild blue yonder from the steering wheel, which gave this image a title. Determination or The Resiliency of Hope might have made a good one too. Here was the carcass of a hardworking machine with its bones bleaching in the sun forevermore, but there is new life reaching out from the remains of the old, like a seed. Its hard to stop Mother Nature and here’s proof again of that fact. So, curiosity piqued, I waded on over through the tall grass for a closer look as to what could be done with a wide angle lens and that even wider prairie sky.<br />
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I have never heard of a Massey Harris tractor before and probably won't hear of one again, but somewhere out there, a guy restoring one is looking for parts and his search might someday lead him to this very same spot.<br />
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