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#12537 Green Wonder

This old green pickup had weathered wonderfully, and the summer poison ivy had ripened to the same shade of green in the August heat. I worked the camera position to one side and then the other, but this head on view worked best. The background is dark because it was parked halfway out into the sun from a funky old shed that had roughly the same amount of wear. I like the weathered green against the deep black with a little rust thrown in, the windshield is a little blue-black, and there is simply no telling how long ago someone turned the key to off for the last time. This truck might easily fit into a Stephen King novel!<br />
<br />
I tried to read the front emblem for the manufacturer's name, but couldn't make it out. Later on, an old truck enthusiast told me that it is a White truck, but all he could say was “forties” for the age.