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Wish You Were Here #12540

This scenic lighthouse sits along the eastern shore of Lake Michigan on the Great Lakes. It’s known as Big Sable and sits close to Ludington, out in the sandy dunes north of town. Interestingly, you can’t get there with a car: you can either walk up the beach for almost a mile as I did to to take this shot, or ride a bicycle on a trail across the dunes. Walking here forced me to slow down and be part of nature and this beautiful scene, letting it sink into my pores while enjoying every moment spent here. It was a small slice of momentary heaven and a great place to be.<br />
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This was taken on a very calm and fair weather day with a fantastic sky and no surf at’s the wind that makes the waves on the big lakes and none were being pushed up onto the sand. You can easily visit here and other neighboring lighthouses and parks, and it’s from Ludington that the large ferry goes across the expanse of Lake Michigan to the Wisconsin side. More information about this lighthouse and the area is at