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Adios at Big Sky #14173

I was on a trip to Colorado to photograph a horse round up on a working ranch in a remote part of the state. There were 500 head of horses to be gathered in off the huge winter range covering tens of square miles of high desert land, then driven back to the main ranch where they would be shipped out on stock trucks across the West. The animals are leased for the summer as saddle horses for riding at dude ranches and trail riding outfits, then returned at the end of the season to be released onto the open range for winter once again.<br />
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   These are some of the corrals and pens at the main ranch, all made from unsplit log in the traditional western way. The working cowboys were in the ranch house having a break for lunch, a few letting their horses tied to the corral fence nearby. These animals had been working hard all morning herding and putting a lot into it, so they spent their lunch hour napping in the sun under the big blue Colorado sky with one hind foot raised. Soon lunch would be over, meaning adios to dream land and back to to the day's work…<br />
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