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Pair in Powder #13146

We put this pair of Arabians belonging to my horse trainer friend Cindy into a small paddock to run and let off some steam. They had been in the barn for the past two days as the winter storms went over, so they were extra ready to rip and go in the full sun and fourteen inches of powder snow Mother Nature had left behind. Many horses are excited by snow and really want to be out in it just like any third grade kid with a new sled, and these two were no exception as they kept going round and round at a steady run, often side by side just like this image. There's nothing quite like a horse making the snow fly as it runs!<br />
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This is the white stallion and bay mare that appear elsewhere in my work. They've been my graceful and poised models many times and are the parents of Allegra, another young horse model that comes up often in the portfolio. See #13358 and #14370 for instance.<br />
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