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#9365 Pasture Pickup

Four Amish mules in a friendly game of pasture pick up pause to give the photographer a once-over. Could it be they're getting ready to play those Budweiser boys, the Clydesdales? Or dream of playing with the Denver Broncos despite the size of their ears? One thing for certain: never underestimate a mule, it can do that and much more, possibly even beating you at checkers.<br />
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This was shot with the camera hurriedly stuck out the truck window while sitting in the middle of the main road in just a half second without any traffic. Truly, a one shot deal. Once again, I earned my reputation as one of the luckier shooters out there.<br />
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And heck-yah-fer'-sure, I used Photoshop to put the football into the picture. Everyone knows mules prefer hockey.