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Roadside Rest 2 #14523

During a pit stop on the Highway to Hell bound for the Other Side and the big Halloween party, Jake waves to passersby while standing beside his 1934 Chevy…it’s a good place to enjoy the scenery and fresh air in rural roadside America while resting your bones. Traveling light yet still in style, he packs only his fedora and sunglasses along with some cigars. Better get that headlight fixed at the next gas station!<br />
<br />
Taken in a classic car junkyard, this car is firmly rooted in the landscape forever and always. Another photograph of the car taken here on an earlier visit can be seen in image #14212 Branch Office. I knew then I would make this image with a skeleton the next time through for a good laugh, and Jake was stood up with a rebar post and posed with strings that were removed later in Photoshop. For added effect, the image was taken with a specially modified infrared camera using a black and white filter that turns the green foliage white and blue skies dark.