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Valet Service 1 #14525

It’s a slow day at the Highway to Hell Hotel parking lot, so Jake the valet punks himself down on a ‘53 Plymouth coupe for a little breather and a cigar, and rests his bones. It’s good to relax in the sun for a stretch while contemplating the afterlife. I wonder which guest drove here in a forklift?<br />
<br />
Taken in a classic car junkyard using a specially modified infrared camera with a black and white filter that turns foliage white and blue skies dark, Jake was simply sat on the tire in the bright sunlight and one string was used to tie him in place which was later removed in Photoshop. He held his pose pretty well with little direction. I’ve photographed junkyards before and love the old cars with all their weathered character, but adding a skeleton just for kicks makes for a different kind of fun.