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#13974 Roxie's Place

Sinclair gas is alive and well on this Pennsylvania farm, even though Dino has some rust around the edges mixed with the classic green. That's all right, it goes with the flaking white paint of the shed and the antique price of 30 cents a gallon, too. This was a very interesting find right along a country two lane road, and it shares space with the homegrown and nearly as worn taxidermy sign. They are two sights only found in rural America and certainly not often together no matter how far back in the jingweeds you go. Therefore, here we have the perfect piece of Podunk.<br />
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Interestingly, the farmer told me that getting it to run is as simple as flipping a breaker on the electrical panel, but there's no fuel in the underground tank these days. The farmer is pretty much retired and the same vintage as the pump. He also said the white glass globe on top came with the pump when he bought it from a gas station undergoing a remodel, but ice sliding off the metal shed roof shattered it the first winter it came to live on the farm.<br />
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