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#14158 The Last Drive In

I loved the faded color of this old five window Chevy pickup in late afternoon light under the big prairie sky in Minnesota, so I went up a stepladder with a wide angle lens in an attempt to get every bit that I could. It was a hot afternoon in August and the slight breeze gently blew the tick infested high grass. I had shot this truck extensively the day before and didn't quite get the character I was looking for, so I waited for this low angle warm light just ten minutes before the junkyard closed. It was going to be now or never. The Photo Gypsy was on my shoulder to help, Mother Nature imparted a great sky in a timely way, and this image came out better than the rest.<br />
<br />
This junkyard had well over 150 vintage pickup trucks from the fifties that were scattered about and loosely grouped. But here, the Chevrolets from the same era were lined up side by side to hang together forever, reminding me of something like a never ending drive-in movie theater from the past.