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#10146 Exit Only, Cemetery in Snow

This winter day was one of those with an overcast that ran thick and thin, and the snow that had come overnight that March was heavy and wet with the day sort of warm for a snow day. Those conditions can make for interesting shooting, so I loaded the camera gear into the truck and went out to poke into the not-so-frequented places.<br />
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I came across this cemetery gate about ten blocks from the house in my hometown and loved the view through the opening...all it needed was the right light. So, I set up the tripod, set the focus, and waited about ten minutes for a thin spot in the overcast to put the right light in just the right place. The shutter was tripped with a remote at just the right moment, and here it is.<br />
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I shot this scene exactly the way it was found and the not so obvious bonus here is the sign on the fence, which also gave this image the title: Exit Only. Yes, I have indeed sold this one to funeral directors several times.