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Infinity #14311

Sunsets above water, big water, can let Mother Nature create the most remarkable and striking ones. For an easterner such as myself, there are only a few places to shoot westward at sunset above big water, like the Delaware or Chesapeake Bays, or Florida's western coast to the far south. My favorite place is the Great Lakes on any western-facing shoreline, and this image was taken in Wisconsin overlooking Green Bay from the peninsula jutting out into Lake Michigan that is Door County. It is essentially the only western-facing coast the state has on the lake.<br />
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Big water makes big sky, as can be seen here. It dwarfs the two distant sailboats and tiny islands; multi-level clouds appear in different colors with the cool blues reflecting as near silver in the water. It's long horizon which can make you wonder what lies beyond it and how much is there. The answer is that it is all there, out there, over that horizon.<br />
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